It's a busy little place. ... You'll meet all sorts here. They come to do a little trading, a little whoring. But mostly they come for safe anchorage for the night.

Zidantas describes Blue Owl Bay, Lord of the Silver Bow

The Bay of Blue Owls, more commonly referred to as Blue Owl Bay or by its nickname "Bad Luck Bay", was a beach on the Lykian shore.

It was a popular stop for ships and sailors from all across the Great Green, due to its reputation as a safehaven and due to the many entertainments that it offered. All along the bay, merchants and food vendors would set upp stalls, offering everything from weapons and armour to deliciacies such as honey-baked pies. Fortune-tellers and prostitues would also conduct their services on the beach. 

The lucrative bay was maintained by Kygones the "Fat King", whose palace stood on a tall cliff overlooking the beach. The bay enjoyed regular traffic during the sailing season until its reputation was tainted after the events of the Battle of Blue Owl Bay.


Blue Owl Bay location

Approximate location of Blue Owl Bay.