Chareos is a main character in Quest for Lost Heroes.


Born in 1368 to his parents The Earl of Bronze Arvan and Ravenna, Chareos is smuggled from Dros Delnoch in 1377 as Tenaka Khan attacks and conquers the Drenai

Chareos is accepted into the Gothir Lancers at a young age. His guardian, Attalis is killed by Gothir champion Targon after a feud descends into a duel, Chareos then challenges and kills Targon.

He marries Tura the same year as the duel, but the marriage falls apart shortly after due to her infidelity and Chareos goes to Bel Azar to die. As one of the four men who survive the Battle of Bel Azar, Chareos becomes a hero of the Gothir people.

Moving to the southern city of Talgithir, Chareos becomes a monk and is recruited to train the Earl of Talgothir and some local youths in swordsmanship. This is where he is found at the start of Quest for Lost Heroes.

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