Dardalion was originally a member of the Source Priesthood, later becoming the first Abbot of Swords. A participant in the Ventrian Wars, Dardalion's pure soul was tainted by that of the assassin, Waylander. The effects of this, as well as his own thinking, convinced Dardalion that pacificism in the face of annihilation was not the best way to serve the Source. Employing his mystical talents to aid the Drenai general Karnak, as well as to directly combat the Dark Brotherhood, Dardalion drew other, like-minded priests to himself. This group of priests became known as the Thirty. At the conclusion of the Ventrian Wars, Dardalion reformed the Thirty under specific rules and strictures as a temple of warrior-priests, as well as setting up the means for the Thirty to continue after his death.

History Edit

Becoming a simple Source priest at the age of 20, Dardalion's life changed during the Vagrian Wars some 5 years later when he was captured by a group of bandits. Tied to a tree and tortured, he was saved from death by the arrival of the assassin Waylander, who had been pursuing the bandit group in order to recover his horse. Slaying the bandits, Waylander nearly left without rescuing Dardalion. Changing his mind after some deliberation, he cut the priest down, stitched his wounds and invited Dardalion to ride with him.[1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Physically hardy, Dardalion was able to endure torture with barely a sound. However, his mystic talents meant that touching 'tainted' objects without preparing himself first would cause him significant discomfort or horror.[2]


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