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About the Author

Gemmell with Snaga

David Gemmell (1948-2006) was a bestselling British fantasy author. A former journalist and newspaper editor from west London, Gemmell published his debut novel, Legend, in 1984. The work quickly became a classic, and he went on to write over thirty novels. Receiving both commercial and critical acclaim, Gemmell's novels characteristically feature morally grey heroes, fast-paced action sequences and strong themes of honour, courage and redemption. He is widely regarded as one of the finest writers of heroic fantasy. Gemmell died of coronary artery disease while working on Fall of Kings in his home near Hastings in 2006. The novel was completed by his wife Stella Gemmell and published posthumously. Read more...

Gemmell Books

Waylander Druss the Legend
Waylander new cover Waylander 2 new cover Hero in the Shadows (2000) First Chronicles new cover LoDW cover Legend new cover

The Damned Other Drenai novels
White Wolf (2003) The Swords of Night and Day (2004) King Beyond the Gate new cover QLH new cover Winter Warriors (1997)

Jerusalem Man Macedon
Wolf in Shadow new cover The Last Guardian new cover Bloodstone new cover Lion of Macedon new cover Dark Prince new cover

Other Stones of Power novels Rigante
Ghost King (1988) Last Sword of Power (1988) Sword in the Storm (1998) Midnight Falcon (1999) Ravenheart (2001) Stormrider (2002)

Hawk Queen Troy
Ironhand's Daughter cover Hawk Eternal cover Lord of the Silver Bow (2005) Shield of Thunder (2006) Fall of Kings (2007)

Stand-alone fantasy novels Crime thrillers
KDR new cover Morningstar new cover Dark Moon cover EGS cover WKBS (Orion 2017) Rhyming Rings (Gollancz 2017)

Gemmell Quote

"Nothing of real worth can ever be bought. Love, friendship, honor, valor, respect. All these things have to be earned."
Kalliades (Shield of Thunder, ch.11)

Gemmell Artwork

"Dros Delnoch the Fortress"
by Didier Graffet

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