This page gives some general guidelines for editing on the David Gemmell Wiki, to keep a certain level of quality and consistency between articles.

Writing styleEdit

  • For all non-real world articles, always write in-universe. Basically, pretend it is real historical fact you are recounting, not fiction. Rather than "In the novel Legend ..." write "During the Siege of Dros Delnoch ..."
  • Use the past tense (again, except for real world articles). Example: "Waylander was a Drenai assassin" not "Waylander is a Drenai assassin".


Try to be original. Do not copy-and-paste from Wikipedia or another website.


Use links when the subject of another article is first mentioned. Avoid making linkless "orphan" pages.


All information (which is not something general or self-explanatory) ought to be referenced. For Gemmell books, chapter names/numbers are preferable to page numbers, as the latter can differ between editions. For help with adding reference footnotes, see Help:References.


Be sure to add the page you create into relevant categories. The icons template will automatically add the main categories to your page. You can always create a new category, but check first that it does not already exist with a slightly different name. Pop over to category:Content and browse your way through the different categories to gain an understanding of the general structure.


Below is a list of commonly used templates and their usages. Click on the template names for more info.
Template Usage
{{disambig}} For articles sharing a title with other articles.
{{title|italics}} For articles where the title ought to be italicised (e.g. novels).
{{stub}} For article stubs (articles that are less than two paragraphs long).
{{incomplete}} For incomplete sections in articles.
{{toolong}} For articles or sections that need condensing.
{{wikipedia}} For articles or sections with plagiarised Wikipedia content in them.
{{disambig-page}} For use on disambiguation pages.
{{delete}} Used to mark pages as candidates for deletion.

Book title shortcodes Edit

For ease of referencing, there is a short template for each Gemmell book which can be used to generate the ful title of the book with a link to the relevant page on the wiki. See below for the shortcodes for each book.

Template Produces
{{BS}} or {{B}} Bloodstone
{{DM}} Dark Moon
{{DP}} Dark Prince
{{EGS} Echoes of the Great Song
{{FCDL}} The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
{{FK}} Fall of Kings
{{GK}} Ghost King
{{HE}} The Hawk Eternal
{{HS}} Hero in the Shadows
{{ID}} Ironhand's Daughter
{{KBG}} The King Beyond the Gate
{{KDR}} Knights of Dark Renown
{{L}} Legend
{{LD}} The Legend of Deathwalker
{{LG}} The Last Guardian
{{LM}} Lion of Macedon
{{LSB}} Lord of the Silver Bow
{{LSP}} Last Sword of Power
{{MF}} Midnight Falcon
{{MS}} or {{M}} Morningstar
{{QLH}} Quest for Lost Heroes
{{RH}} or {{R}} Ravenheart
{{RR}} Rhyming Rings
{{SND}} The Swords of Night and Day
{{ST}} Shield of Thunder
{{SR}} or {{S}} Stormrider
{{SS}} Sword in the Storm
{{W}} Waylander
{{W2}} or {{IRW}} Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf
{{WKBS}} White Knight/Black Swan
{{WS}} Wolf in Shadow
{{WW}} Winter Warriors
{{WWolf}} White Wolf

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