Decado, also known as The Ice Killer, is a character in The King Beyond the Gate

A former member of The Dragon, Decado is considered one of the greatest living swordsmen and had run out of opponents. On his way to challenge his old friend Tenaka Khan to a duel - he was searching for a worthy challenger and viewed Tenaka as such - he ends up at a source temple where he gives up the way of the sword to work as a gardener. Later, he discovers the temple is in fact a temple of The Thirty and he once more has to pick up his sword and ride to war. 

Decado is also a descendant of Skilgannon The Damned and he appears, as a "reborn", in The Swords of Night and Day where he meets, and fights, his famous ancestor. 

Decado is slain by Skilgannon in the Swords of Night and Day, Skilgannon tells him -in Decado's dying state- that he was the better swordsmen and that Decado just let Skilgannon win the fight. 

He is said to have an uncanny fighting ability, much like Skilgannon, where he is able to maintain complete control during a fight and is ice-cold when it comes to the kill, hence his nickname.

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