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The Drenai were a long-standing nation. Their main enemies include the Nadir; a Mongol-like nation of warring tribes; the Ventrian and Vagrian Empires, and the Sathuli, a reclusive, religious tribe of warriors who dwell in the Delnoch Steppes. The Drenai gained their freedom from the Vagrian Empire thanks to the efforts of the legendary heroes Karnak and Egel, the first Earl of Bronze.

The Drenai face many threats over their history but finally succumb to the rule of the Nadir after Tenaka Khan united the warring tribes of the North to invade the Empire. Another factor in the downfall of the Drenai is the Emperor Ceska, who joined forces with warrior-priests of Chaos and utilised an ancient technology allowing him to combine humans with beasts, creating Joinings; fearsome creatures driven to maim and kill by the mental powers of the priests. Eventually the Drenai gain their freedom in the events leading up to Winter Warriors. It is also noted that, under King Skanda's rule, they conquered Ventria. Whether Skanda's son holds it after his death is unknown.

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