Drenan was the capital city of the Drenai, and lay in the southern part of the country. A vibrant hub of trading and culture, it lay close to the neighbouring countries of Lentria and Mashrapur. "Drenan" was also used metonymically to refer to the entire nation of the Drenai.

History Edit

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Architecture Edit

Drenan was a large city of white stone[1] built on a cluster of at least six hills, after which some of its neighbourhoods were named.[2] The city was divided into several quarters.[3]

Culture Edit

Besides being a centre of trade, Drenan was also the cultural capital of the country, housing many libraries[4] and a museum.[5] The arts flourished in Drenan, and performers such as acrobats, dancers and actors found work entertaining on stage.[6] Celebrations such as the annual Spring Parade took place in Drenan.[7] The city also hosted sporting events in its arenas, such as the Silver Swords tourney.[8]

Known locations in Drenan Edit

Areas Edit

  • Sixth Hill[2]
  • The south quarter[3]

Buildings Edit

  • Royal palace
  • Great Library[9]
  • Great Museum[5]
  • Sixth Arena[10]
  • Sickle Lake[5]

Streets Edit

  • Drenai Way (later renamed Avenue of Kings)[7]
  • Street of Pillars[11]

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