Gorben was emperor of Ventria.

According to the Drenai Timeline, Gorben was born in 1163 making him three years older than Druss. He became emperor after the death of his father during the Naashanite Invasion in 1182 and ruled for just under 30 years.

During his reign he waged many wars; at first reclaiming land lost by his father from the Nashaanite Empire (thanks in a large part to Druss) and then conquering others before eventually being defeated at the Battle of Skeln Pass in 1211 as he tried to invade Drenai lands, after which his own men slew him whilst retreating.


Gorben at the start of his reign was extremely charismatic and intelligent. With his trusted friend Bodasen he masterminded a reversal of fortunes in the war with Naashan and led them on a march across the world over the course of his reign. 

Later,. he was to become extremely paranoid - distrusting everyone around him and going to extreme lengths to ensure he was not assassinated - and tyrannical as he spends the rest of his life at war. His use of makeup and hair dye to keep his appearance young also hints at a streak of vanity. 

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