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A Joining was a being created by melding an animal and a human through mystical means.

Although often used by the forces of evil, the technology/magic was also used to help heal those in need by combining them with a healthy animal. An example of this use was in the King Beyond the Gate where Renya was crippled until she was combined with an animal and this eradicated her disabilities. 

There are many examples of "joinings" throughout the Drenai Series; the Kriaz-nor and the Riaj-nor in Waylander III , the werebeasts sent after Waylander in the first novel, the beasts on both sides in The Swords of Night and Day and those used by Ceska to dominate the Drenai in the King Beyond the Gate.

There appear to be two main ways to meld man and beast together; there is the way which the Nadir Shaman uses in Waylander which involves an obscene ritual, and there are machines created by an ancient civilisation before it fell which seem to control the flow of magic during the process.