Kebra the Bowman was a Drenai archer and hero during the Drenai-Ventrian Wars.

He is in his fifties or sixties and he is to be sent home with all the other older men who had served the king for 20 or so years.

Kebra is the archer/hunter of the group and is said, more than once, to be one of the best in the world with a bow even with his failing eyesight. He is quiet and distant in general, more measured and thoughtful than Bison and is uncomfortable with any kind of physical contact due to an incident with his father. It is inferred that his father sexually abused him (although not explicitly described as such) and it takes the loss of his friends and the adoption of the three children of the group to finally break down the barriers in him.

He possesses a sense of honour but does not value himself very highly so plays down the displays of this side of him. Like his friends, he is brave and one of the first to dive into the fight, able to fire off arrows fast and accurately even when under pressure.


  1. Kebra is stated to be fifty-six during the events of Winter Warriors. (Winter Warriors, Chapter One)

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