Kygones was the King of Lykia and master of the Bay of Blue Owls, a bustling safe-haven for sailors. He was known as the "Fat King", despite his skeletal frame,[1] due to the wealth he amassed by running the bay.

As a child, Kygones worked on his father's farm. Two of his brothers died, while his three older sisters were sold into servitude. When his father was killed in the third Egypteian invasion of Lykia, Kygones left farming and took up the sword.[1] Over time, he rose to become the cunning, merciless and covetous ruler of Lykia, generating great income through Blue Owl Bay, which he maintained with a strong patrol of soldiers. Kygones also commanded his own military, which he occasionally sold as mercenaries to the east, and a sizeable fleet.[1] He was involved in sea trade with several nations around the Great Green. His palace stood on a cliff overlooking the bay.

Shortly before the Trojan War, Kygones was bribed by the Mykene king Agamemnon to aid Kolanos in a plot to assassinate the Dardanian prince Helikaon. The betrayal cost Kygones dearly, as Helikaon escaped the plot and cancelled all trade with Blue Owl Bay. Odysseus, King of Ithaka, followed suit. The failed assassination attempt and Kolanos' brutal murder of Helikaon's friend Zidantas led to the terrible Battle of Blue Owl Bay.[2] These events severely crippled the economy of Blue Owl Bay, which became known as Bad Luck Bay.

Lykia, under Kygones, sided with Troy in the Trojan War.

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