Lion of Macedon is a historic fantasy novel written by English author David Gemmell . It is the first of two books following the character Parmenion. The book was first published in 1990. The sequel, Dark Prince, was published in 1991. Parmenion is a Spartan in training but faces prejudice and violence due to his parents being both Macedonian and Spartan.

Plot summaryEdit

As the story opens, Tamis, a sorceress, is seeing the future. She discovers that only a mixed-blood Spartan called Parmenion can help her. Parmenion is a half-blood Spartan whose mother is fromMacedon. His father was a Spartan hero. The story begins with Parmenion being assaulted by a gang of five sparta youths because of his mixed blood.

Later on the story describes the rise of Macedon under Philip II of Macedon and the birth of Alexander the Great.

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