Bane is the illegitimate son of the Rigante king Connavar, called Demonblade. Despite his distinctive eyes - one tawny brown the other forest green - the eyes of his father, Connavar rejects Bane, refusing to claim his as his own. Bane’s childhood is marked by difficulty; he is viewed as an outcast and feared by his people. 

Seeking acceptance elsewhere, Bane travels across the seas, where he eventually finds the peace he has craved. When this new life is destroyed by a cruel new enemy, Bane becomes set on revenge, desiring only to wreak vengeance on the swordsman who took it away.  He begins a career as a Gladiator, honing his fighting skills and becoming a fearsome warrior as he competes in the Empire’s lethal arenas.

When the Armies of the Stone threaten the people of his homeland, Bane will have to decide whether retribution is more important to him than the future of the highlands, the Rigante people, and even the Seidh.