Miriel is sister to Krylla and adopted-daughter of Waylander and Danyal. She is a main character in  Waylander, Waylander II and briefly appears in Waylander III.


One half of a set of twins born in and around 1065, there is nothing mentioned of her before she meets Waylander during the Vagrian Wars. At this time the twins are around 6/7 years old and they are travelling with Danyal and a young boy. After the boy's death they all cross the interior of Drenai together, making for Skultik

After Waylander leaves the twins there to pursue the Armour of Bronze, Miriel doesn't appear again until the end where a stranger, a Waylander, takes Danyal and the sisters away from the town they had lived in.

Miriel is 18 in Waylander II and has been learning how to hunt and fight from her father, Waylander. When assassins are sent after him she learns her twin is dead and they set off on a quest to aid the Wolf's Head tribe as Waylander goes in pursuit of revenge. It is during the siege that follows that Miriel conceives, and Dardalion relays that through his visions he has learned that through her line, via Regnak, a Nadir Uniter will be born (presumably Tenaka Khan).

Her brief appearance in the third novel is in retrospect where she is said to have assassinated Karnak as revenge for the perceived murder of her father. She then rides off with Angel, never to be seen again.

Known DescendantsEdit

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