During the Vagrian Wars, a quest to retrieve the Armour of Bronze was instrumental in turning the tide of the war and securing Drenai victory. The quest was undertaken by Waylander upon the request of the abdicated Drenai king Orien, as a means of redemption for the murder of Orien's son King Niallad.

The Armour of Bronze had been hidden away by Orien in a cave in mount Raboas in the Mountains of the Moon several years before the Vagrian invasion. A protective enchantment was placed upon it, making it an intangible illusion for everyone except the prophesied Chosen One, who would retrieve it to bring victory to the Drenai during days of blood and darkness.

Waylander received help on his quest from Dardalion, a Source priest and founder of the Thirty; Danyal, a refugee from Drenan; Durmast, an old acquaintance; Cadoras the Stalker, who was originally hired to assassinate him; and the man-monster Kai. Besides the perilous journey across the Nadir Steppes, Waylander and his friends also faced the Dark Brotherhood, cave-dwelling werebeasts and a group of Joinings sent by the Nadir shaman Kesa Khan.

The armour was successfully retrieved, although Waylander was badly injured and Durmast (who proved to be the prophesied Chosen One) was killed during the quest. The armour was delivered to Egel who donned it and rode to the aid of Karnak at the Siege of Dros Purdol. Egel was thereafter immortalised in Drenai history as the Earl of Bronze.

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