Rhyming Rings is a crime thriller by David Gemmell.

Set in real-world London with some supernatural elements, the novel tells the story of a serial killer and a journalist who cross paths. Rhyming Rings incorporates autobiographical elements of Gemmell's life as a journalist in South London.

Discovered in his papers by his widow Stella Gemmell, the book was published in 2017 – eleven years after the author's death – by Gollancz, an imprint of the Orion Publishing Group.

Book details Edit

The book includes an introduction by Conn Iggulden and an afterword by Stan Nicholls.

Blurb Edit

An ambidextrous killer is murdering women, leaving virtually no evidence behind, and struggling journalist Jeremy Miller wishes he was covering the case. Instead, he's stuck with heart-warming local stories about paraplegic teenagers and elderly psychic ladies.

So when his stories and the murder case start to converge no one is more surprised than Jeremy.

Or, it turns out, more at risk.

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