The Sathuli – they are a mountain and desert people, fierce and independent.

Scaler (The King Beyond the Gate)

The Sathuli were a race of semi-nomadic tribesmen inhabiting the Delnoch mountains. They were a reclusive, warlike and deeply religious people, venerating and following the words of an ancient prophet named Mehmet.

The Sathuli originally inhabited the deserts of Ventria, but were forced to flee due to religious persecution. In 783, they crossed the Ventrian Sea and settled in the Delnoch mountains, living in isolation from the neighbouring Drenai population. The Sathuli claimed the mountainous region as their new homeland, founding a city of white stone within the mountains and several settlements in the southern foothills.

The Sathuli were engaged in a series of ongoing skirmishes with the Drenai over the rights to the mountain ranges. From their bases in the foothills of the mountains, the Sathuli conducted raids into the Drenai settlements of the Sentran Plain, including Skarta and Corteswain.

During the First Nadir War, the Sathuli prince Joachim came to the aid of Regnak, the second Earl of Bronze, during the Siege of Dros Delnoch. As a token of gratitude, Regnak granted the Sathuli official rights to the Delnoch mountain range. This treaty was revoked a century later by Drenai leader Ceska and the Drenai-Sathuli skirmishes continued.

Physically, the Sathuli were swarthy and black-haired. Their men tended to be bearded and wore long flowing white robes, even into battle. The weapon of choice among the Sathuli was the tulwar, a curved blade. Some expert warriors were able to wield two tulwars simultaneously.