Serbitar was a Vagrian warrior-priest who led the Thirty in battle during the Siege of Dros Delnoch. A skilled swordsman and gifted "speaker", he was instrumental in the siege and helped Regnak recover the Armour of Bronze. Serbitar was also an albino, and required specific herbs to maintain his strength.

History Edit

Serbitar was the first born son of Earl Drada, a Vagrian noble. The young boy's Talent was viewed as a Devil's gift by his father and the earl tried to kill his son. Despite his young age, Serbitar sensed his father's intent and hid from him. Shortly after this, he was taken to the temple of the Thirty and began his 13 years of training under the tutelage of Abbot Vintar, until the Thirty's help is requested by Virae and Regnak.

During the Siege of Dros Delnoch, Serbitar served as the Voice of The Thirty, a part of the leadership structure of the temple when at war. He – along with the rest of The Thirty – acted as an advisor to Regnak during the siege, fought at the forefront of many of the engagements and also helped Rek to locate the Armour of Bronze. Like the other members of the temple, his supernatural talents allowed him to ascertain enemy tactics accurately.

Sources Edit

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