Sieben the Sagamaster was a Drenai poet and storyteller and close companion of Druss the Legend. 

Sieben met Druss while the latter was on his way to Mashrapor in search of his wife, Rowenna. The two became close friends and Sieben accompanied Druss on many of his adventures throughout his life. The poems and stories which gave Druss his legendary status were written by Sieben, much to Druss' distaste. 

Personality Edit

Sieben was a womaniser and a poser; he always dressed to look good and was also well aware of his good looks and charm. A solid fighter, he often carried multiple knives and was extremely accurate with a throwing blade. Despite his pragmatic view of war he was capable of bouts of extreme courage, such as his last stand beside Druss at the Battle of Skeln Pass.

Analysis Edit

Sieben provides a fair amount of comic relief in his appearances as he has an uncanny ability of picking the wrong woman to seduce. 

Appearances Edit

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