The Siege of Dros Delnoch (1226) was the defence of the Drenai mountain fortress of Dros Delnoch against the invading Nadir horde of Ulric the Uniter during the First Nadir War.

The Nadir Emperor, Ulric had planned to move in and conquer the lands of the Drenai and sought to gain access to the Drenai through Dros Delnoch. The Nadir took all six walls, however one of Ulric's family had revolted against his leadership far from the siege and so he ordered one last assault on the keep of the Dros, the Drenai and Sathuli defenders withheld and Ulric took his army away to put down the rebellion.

Druss the legend arrived before the siege and took over the training of the men, he organised the conscripts into a disciplined fighting force. He died at the fourth wall, killing the Nadir champion, Nogusha.

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