A skirmish took place on the northern foothills of the Delnoch mountains during the First Nadir War, shortly before the Siege of Dros Delnoch in 1226. A Drenai reconnaissance troop was attacked by Nadir warriors from Ulric's invading army.

The scouting mission was ordered by First Gan Orrin and consisted of 200 Black Riders of the Legion led by Gan Hogun, sent north with the objective of determining the size and disposition of the Nadir army. Hogun was reluctant to embark on the mission, considering it futile as earlier scouts had already been sent, but conceded upon threat of dismissal.

After five days, Hogun's troop spotted three Nadir outriders. They shot two down, but the third managed to escape into a nearby wood. Hogun ordered an immediate withdrawal, anticipating a Nadir attack. The surviving scout alerted the Nadir of the presence of the Drenai force, and all tribesmen in the nearby vicinity were summoned by way of mirror messages.

Later the same day, the Drenai were ambushed from two fronts by a force of 3,000 Wolfshead dog soldiers. Hogun ordered his riders into a wedge formation with lances drawn. Cutting straight threw the Nadir cavalry, the Drenai retreated back to the Dros. The broken Nadir troop regrouped but did not pursue.

A handful of Nadir warriors were slain during the skirmish. The Drenai lost eleven Legion riders, and learned that Ulric's army was within a month's marching distance from Dros Delnoch.

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