The Swords of Night and Day are a pair of legendary swords wielded by the infamous Skilgannon in the novels White Wolf and The Swords of Night and Day.


The swords were copies of The Swords of Blood and Fire and both sets were made by the old woman Hewla


Raven Armoury - Swords of Night and Day

The Raven Armory's limited edition realisation of the Swords of Night and Day.

The Sword of Day is said to be golden in colour and The Sword of Night is silver. Both are mirror-polished and the old woman hints that these swords are inferior to Blood and Fire; this is debatable as they stand up well against the "superior" set. It may be that rather than superior in terms of construction, she may have meant better/stronger enchantments are on the latter pair and this is more likely as the wielders of the swords of Blood and Fire are often either deranged or on the brink of being so, whereas Skilgannon is able to control the blood lust the SoNaD compels in him.

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