The Legion is an elite Drenai Cavalry unit which was formed in 1071 by the first Earl of Bronze, Egel, during the Vagrian Invasion. Initially it is made up of survivors of the decimated Drenai army who retreated with Egel to Skultik Forest. From there they conducted raids for supplies and harried the Vagrian forces whilst reinforcing their own camp. 

It is the Legion who follow Egel to relieve Dros Purdol in Waylander

The Legion also appears in Legend as the only "real soldiers" at Dros Delnoch where the unit is led by Gan Hogun . Veterans of the Sathuli wars, they are highly trained and are described as having black cloaks - which are taken off and folded away during a charge - round shields, long cavalry sabres and lances. They are also provided with the best horses available to the Drenai. 

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