The Uniter was the title given to a prophesied leader among the Nadir race who was - according to Nadir belief - destined to unite all the warring tribes and lead them in a great conquering invasion of the rest of the world.

What was not commonly known, by outsiders or by most of the Nadir themselves, was that there were in fact two Uniters foretold. The existence of a second Uniter was kept secret.

The first Uniter was Ulric of the Wolfshead and he united the tribes and lead the conquest of the Gothir and attempted to take the Drenai but was repulsed at Dros Delnoch. He died of a heart failure in Ventria.

The second Uniter was Tenaka Khan, half Drenai, half Nadir he took command of the Nadir and lead the conquest of the Drenai and lead an invasion of the Gothir but called off the invasion.

The Nadir Uniters Edit

  1. Ulric
  2. Tenaka Khan
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