Vintar is the Abbot of The Temple of The Thirty in Legend and also features as a priest of a prior temple in The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend.

Character and History Edit

As the abbot of The Thirty, Vintar possesses strong faith which was hard won and drawing on his experience he is able to guide Serbitar in his role as the leader of the temple's warriors when they fight in the Siege of Dros Delnoch in Legend. He is wise and although older than his disciples he is an outstanding warrior-priest in his own right, his abilities enhanced by The Talent and honed by decades of training and study. He has earned his inner strength and faith the hard way as in a prior temple - the one mentioned in The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend, perhaps - he was deemed the least perfect of the temple and sent to form the new one which appears in Legend. As mentioned in the latter, the least perfect acolyte is chosen to found the new temple as it gives him the opportunity to grow into his role as leader and Vintar has done so.

He assists Rowena and Druss with his various mystical skills in The Chronicles.

He is also referenced in White Wolf as an old friend of Abbot Cethelin.

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