Winter Warriors (1997)

Winter Warriors, first published in 1997, is a fantasy novel written by David Gemmell. It belongs to the Drenai series and is set several decades after Gemmell's earlier title, Quest for Lost Heroes. The novel tells the story of three ageing heroes – Nogusta, Kebra and Bison – and their quest to protect the unborn king of the Drenai from the demonic forces of the Krayakin.

Main characters Edit

  • Nogusta – black Drenai swordsman with precognitive abilities
  • Bison – ageing Drenai warrior, friend of Nogusta
  • Kebra – ageing Drenai archer, friend of Nogusta
  • Anharat – Demon Lord of the Night
  • Ulmenetha – priestess of the Source
  • Dagorian – young Drenai officer
  • Antikas Karios – Ventrian swordsman
  • Kalizkan – Ventrian sorcerer whose body is possessed by Anharat
  • Malikada – Ventrian prince whose body is possessed by Anharat
  • Axiana – pregnant queen of Ventria and the Drenai
  • Conalin, Pharis & Sufia – Ventrian orphans
  • Balikas – leader of the demonic Krayakin
  • Banelion (the "White Wolf") – old Drenai general
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